Vignette Index

This page will serve as a central hub for all vignettes and fiction pieces associated with the campaign.

Vignette: Secret Europe – Strange things happen over Europe everyday. Those with the eyes for secrets can find wonders and terrors in every corner of the old world.

Vignette: The Buzzing, Nightfall – A message from the strange phenomena known as The Buzzing.

Vignette: The Goat and the Llama – A high desert, Blue 9 encounter with a disappointed herder.

Vignette: Echo Fourteen Down – The Illuminati learn a lesson.

Vignette: Rock City – Secret ambitions are not healthy.

Vignette: Wet Dreams – Serving dark masters is not what it is cracked up to be.

Vignette: Out of TimeBlue 9 explores the depth of new-found Grigori power.

Vignette: Season Two Character Creation Aspect Stories – Add yours!

Vignette Index

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