The Secret World: Season 2

6/11/2017 Session

Season 2, Episode 1

The Glencairn Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa is one of a handful of hotels and resorts around the world owned by one Izette, a practitioner of nearly 300 years, but she appears as a smartly dressed middle-aged business woman. These places function as a neutral ground for the wayward of the Secret World, and the Glencairn is her home base.

Following the disappearance a groundskeeper named Sofia, who was transporting plants in an elevator, Izette called for aid.

  • Alex, dream shaper extraordinaire, is on retainer with Izette for his “transportation services” and currently between assignments.
  • Josie, the still learning shapeshifter, found herself at the hotel as a student of Izette, an old friend of Josie’s mentor.
  • Azariah, fresh from his hermitage-with-an-unwanted-roommate, deciphered one of his many tattoos as the shape of the Cape, with a mark in approximately the position of the hotel.
  • A constable with an obvious alias with the power of investigation and mathematics.

There is also a rumor of Templars poking around this former Phoenician territory, and of Phoenicians returning to Capetown. Rico is their representative in the area.

First, Sofia’s house was investigated, where a number of books, including her journal, and some magical and dangerous roots were found.

Then, the elevator was found to have a portal on its back wall, and Alex attempted to rush through it. Azariah sensed much unknown danger there and stopped Alex from rushing through on his own. This portal had signs reminiscent of the book Good Harvest by Sutter Cane.

Then, Izette and the other groundskeepers were questioned, narrowing down her activities for the past two weeks. Finally, a target day was determined, and narrowed down to a morning. Three of the five rooms were occupied: one by an innocuous eco-tourist; one by a Mr. Ablewhite, who is also the host of the Grigori known as Castiel; and the last, a mastermind from the past: Michael Winthrop, Illuminati Agent.


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