The Secret World: Season 2

7/10/2016 Session

The day began with a simple job; drive a deuce and a half white truck from Oakland to the southern regional airport. A job complicated by the fact that their employer, Rico, had set them up with a dummy cargo and a tip-off for their foes. Kaizen’s magic glamoured their truck into a new vehicle, but a lost right-view mirror gave them away to their foes. In the southern hills, Blue managed to lose the pursuit car with the help of a rockslide, but the pursuit found them again just before the airport. Nine proved his worth behind the wheel, battering his way out of a trap before disappearing through a Hole in the World, leaving his rivals wrecked and befuddled.

After their success, Rico reassessed his opinion of the group and met them in The Drunken Barnacle, a bar owned by Rico’s cousin. Rico was wary of the group, sensing magic in the air, but Kaizen played his hand well, and with the right emotional promptings managed to ease Rico into detailing what he knew about the situation. His sister Paz, a member of the Council of Venice team originally tasked with the Van Elkins situation, had asked him for some help in gathering some unusual supplies; high caliber anti-material rifles and human flesh, both cadavers and tissue samples. After that, she had vanished, longer than it usually took her for a job.

Rico had managed to almost track Paz’s couriers back to the source, but was missing the last link in the chain. He gave the party the information, and hooked them up with supplies and equipment for their venture into the Sierra Nevada mountains. While their orders were being fulfilled, Briana Lee arranged for Kaizen to meet with one of her field team leaders responsible for investigating the recent flare up in paranormal phenomena.

At the coffee shop, the Illuminati team leader proved to have a wealth of knowledge and quite the appetite for biscotti. While he merrily racked up triple digits on Kaizen’s tab, he explained that the chief expression of the weirdness had been wildfires cutting a strange pattern in acreage up in the Sierra Nevadas. The ashes of these fires had strange, microscopic inscriptions of seemingly random data: weather satellite transmissions, Netflix streams, all of it encoded in binary. The people in the area were mostly unaffected, but a few exhibited signs of abnormal medical conditions and extreme paranoia. Exhibit A: the agent’s broken arm.

After a few days, the party set out. In the rolling hills of the Sierra Nevada, the group found a small ranching property that was seemingly abandoned. Marched by scorch marks from recent fires, an unnatural quiet pervaded the scene. The branches were heavy with strangely silent ravens. Teres took one of his prepared substances in order to get more in tune with the flow of magic in the environment and found everything around them was afraid, and in the grip of some sort of hollow silence, sliding toward the center of a well in the world. That well was located in an isolated tourist ranch house.

Inside, they found the object of their search. Paz was in a strange state of mind, speaking strange hints and terrible allegations. She spoke of “those who speak with voices that shine like gold,” hearing one’s voice in her own head. There was the terrible book bound in human skin, the true work and testimony of John Dee, and the beast that hungered and hated, whom they had found much meat for. She babbled about the Golden Hind and how it left the book there, long ago. It became apparent that danger was imminent, and the quickly bagged Paz up and climbed into the truck.

The session close on a startling image; as Blue turned the key to start the car, Teres felt a spike of fear from Paz, and turned to see that her hood was clinging tightly to her face, revealing a rictus scream of fear.


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