The Templars

“You came to us in search of a purpose.

And mark this, there is no purpose greater than ours. The world will founder without structure and discipline. It needs leadership to guide it to a new age of stability. It needs those with the will to stamp out the darkness that breeds in the cracks. We do this because we are compelled, by tradition, by loyalty, by laws. Without these, we are just animals. Evil reigns over animals, corrupting and compromising, toppling empires. So our empire must be incorruptible, must be uncompromising. Our conflict must be a righteous one. Your conviction will be tested. But among us, your faith will be unshaken.

Among the Templars.”

The Lions of Babylon, the Warriors of Ur, the Crusaders, the Judges, the Knights, the Inquisition, the Holy Terror, the Sword and Shield, the Lance, the Old Guard, the Long Watch, the Faith. These names and others show every face of the Templar. They are the tradition, the old school, the ancient lineage of sorcerers-magicians and sacred warriors, the bearers of the old way.

The oldest secret society is The Templars; what would become the Templar ideology was probably carried out of Africa in the mind of a tribesman into Mesopotamia, where it found fertile ground to grow in. The Templars, now and always, are the most direct and least subtle of the secret societies. Their goal is to make the world safe for humanity, and to them, that often means to destroy or contain the supernatural and the various threats it might pose to the human race. They’ve always had a link with monarchy, aristocracy, and religion, often being the power behind the throne and using the resources of the state and wealthy individuals to combat the darkness. At their best, they are humanity’s protectors; at their worst, zealous inquisitors that will do whatever is necessary to put an end to what they deem insufferable.

The Templars ruled out of Assyrian and Babylon, drifting west into Europe as those empires fell. They have a great deal of bad blood with the Illuminati and the Phoenicians, both of whom have been regional rivals with the Templars at various times. The Templars view themselves as the authority and all other claims to power and sovereignty as illegitimate; this dispute goes back to the Tower of Babel, when the man who would found the Templars quarreled with the man who would found the Phoenician Brotherhood and caused that great tower to fall. Once Christianity and the Catholic church arose, the Templars aligned themselves with that power, which eventually gave rise to their most famous and public manifestation, the Knights Templar, a mask which has fascinated the popular culture long after the Templars shed it. After the Illuminati arranged the downfall of the Knights Templar, the Templar struck back and drove the Illuminati out of Europe and to the New World. Ever since then, the Templar have ruled the old world and its empires, resting in tradition, blue bloodlines, and old money.

The Templar appeal to those that seek order, structure, and certainty in the chaotic swirl of the Secret World. The Templar offer a worldview that makes sense of the madness and horror that the creatures of the night can inflict upon mankind, and offer a defense against what lies in the dark corners of the earth. If your character wants the direction and comfort of organized structure and orders, the Templars can provide. The advantage of working with the Templars is material aid and hard won knowledge of the things that come bump in the night, and solid allies that can come to your aid, but structure also binds, limits, and confines. The Templars bring certainty but inflexibility, and as noble as their ideals can be sometimes the orders you receive are decidedly not noble. There are hard decisions to make when you feel you have the fate of the world in your hands. Certain sub-factions of the Templars also have obsessions with sacred bloodlines and mystic destinies which can blind them to possibilities in people outside of those fates and lineages.

The Templars

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