The Secret World: Season 2

9/18 Session

End of Season 1

The escape from the ranch house with the newly discovered Paz was greatly complicated by the appearance of a great evil: a horrible spirit of cannibalistic hunger. Set the watch over the secrets of John Dee secreted away by Sir Francis Drake, the Hunger had been disturbed by Van Elkins in his mad quest, and now sought to consume Paz and the group. Only a combination of will, magic, and high caliber firepower were enough to turn it away, and only for a time.

Afterwards, the group brought Paz to a secure location for debriefing. A combination of Alchemistry and Illusion allowed them to perform hypnotherapy on Paz, accessing her memories and discovering the location of Van Elkins – he had fled to London, seeking the source of Enochian mysticism. Before they left for England, an Illuminati called Michael Winthrop tried to offer his services to Teres, but was firmly rebuffed.

In England, Teres and Blue met up with Bishop, their chief contact with the Templars. Bishop provided them with information and objectives, leading to Blue moonlighting as toe-cutter to find out some of Van Elkins’s network. This led them north, to Scotland, where they infiltrated a manor and accessed Van Elkins’s communications through a cleverly planted bug. From there, they narrowed down Van Elkins’s location and discovered that the Queens Head Pub upon the southern bank of the Thames was built on the foundations of John Dee’s house. Below lay a hidden labyrinth, leading to a secret library secreted away in Roman catacombs and unnatural tunnels.

The Templars and the Van Elkins Group circled one another. Teres and Blue made preparations for a trap, plotting to draw out the Grigori with a Bacchanalia and exorcise them away from their support. Van Elkins and his possessed made various plays to try and weaken the Templars and harm Teres and Blue. Cruel hexes, alien big cats, pill burglaries, and invisible supply lines were all employed to try and turn the tide.

The night of the party, Teres and Blue successfully used a particular bash to lure in the Possessed. Unfortunately, they also attracted the attention of Bacchantes, ancient spirits of the revel. A three way fight ensued, ending with the Council of Venice team exorcised of their Grigori and the Bacchantes dis-incorporated. The Templars seized the Queen’s Head Pub and prepared to descend into the darkness.

The Roman era catacombs had become intermingled with other tunnels of a paranormal providence. A foul sign on the wall cost a Templar his life as they traveled to the secret library. After solving the challenge of the Seven Lampstands, the team entered the library proper and defeated the last of Van Elkins’s fighters. Accessing the library proper, they found the ritual chamber of John Dee and solved the lock puzzle on the door to John Dee’s alchemy chamber. There they raced Van Elkins in an alchemical duel, with Blue blinding and disfiguring Van Elkins before he was finally defeated.

Back stateside, the crew hatched a plan to deal with the Hunger and exorcise Azazel from Paz. They allowed the Hunger to approach Paz, urging Azazel to flee her for a more suitable and secure host. They intended to have him possess a captured Van Elkins, but he instead chose to possess Blue. Teres then dashed in to retrieve Paz and escape the trap, but was injured in the deed. The Hunger is now locked behind a magic barrier in a mission turned farmhouse, under the watchful eye of the Council and Illuminati.


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