The Secret World: Season 2

5/22/2016 Session Log


After a long, long night, seemingly almost a month, Blue Nine woke to another day on the job of being an amnesiac paranormal secret agent. His first task this morning was a puzzling bit of chess notation, placed strategically on a fast food wrapper. Teres Moreau also received a matching set of notation from his contacts. They met in the Oakland Library and after playing the scripted game found a note hidden in a pawn which led them to a series of books and articles adding more context to John Dee, his work as the Queen’s court astrologer/wizard, his contact with Edward Kelley/Talbot, and the product of their collaboration, the Enochian language. After leaving a message for his would be puppeteer, Nine dove into the YMCA and back into Elias Blum, while Teres returned to his daily schedule thoroughly confused. Nine re-examined the business cards from yesterday’s meetings and discovered one was cheap fake belonging to one Leo Frank.

Meanwhile, Midsie set about to discover who had taken his place at the Van Elkin meeting, uncovering the name Elias Blum and the description of Pete Geyers. Catching Kaizen using the Pete Geyers phenotype again, and using one of the Van Elkin meeting members to acquire a lead on Elias Blum, Midsie tried to arrange for a “meeting” between the group and Brianna Lee. Using alchemistry, quick thinking, and some illusion magic, the group turned the tables and left Brianna on the back foot. Finding herself led into a trap by her own lackey’s incompetence, she decided to treat the group as friendly and fairly as possible. Mistaking them for a formal Council of Venice strike team, she turned over everything she knew, including the names Rico and Paz, a Phoenician smuggler and his Venetian sister, who was part of the original Council team.

The group decided to try to get into Rico’s circle by posing as muscle looking for a job, but Kaizen’s probing alerted Rico, who decided to set the group up with a trap. Either they would die as a decent distraction, or prove themselves of a higher grade than he thought…


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