This is a world of the unseen. It is a world of a hidden. It is a world of the things they don’t want you to know. Of things you shouldn’t know. Of things you can’t know, not without a cost.

This is the Secret World.

It is our world, only darker. Crueler. Behind the everyday events of our lives, our commonplace tragedies and farces is a sinister significance. Our misfortunes, our atrocities are only pale shadows and cheap imitation of the real struggle that goes on in the dark corners of the world.

This world is hidden from us by them. Men in dark suits in the background of photographs, shooters on grassy knolls, smokers in unlit rooms, orders with dusty names and cobwebbed histories. They are everyone who is someone and also many who are no-one. Senators and sneak-thieves, butchers and bureaucrats, CEOs and carjackers, statesmen and stewardesses.

They keep the truth from us for many reasons, and often our own benefit is the least of them. They hold the keys to the cosmos in their hand, the knowledge of the unknowable and the impossible. They have fistfuls of hell-fire and arsenals of arcana. Secret societies, conspiracies, cabals and covens. They rule the world. They rule us.

And god help us all, that is better than the alternative. The night has fangs. Terror has a name. Dark days are here. Don’t be frightened. Be terrified. Keep the light on, and steel close. Watch the shadows, and watch the skies.

The Secret World: Season 2

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